About us

Since the founding in 1996 ZEUS stands for scientifically-oriented as well as praxis-experienced consultancy and research in social science and psychology for companies, public authorities and associations.

In our projects we deal thoroughly with the impacts of social and physical environmental factors on attitudes, motivation and behaviour of people.

ZEUS was founded by scientists of the Ruhr-University of Bochum as a spin-off company. Up-to-date as of methodologies as well as research findings, and customer needs always in sight - with that motto the experts from ZEUS provide at all times professional and needs-based analysis and solutions for the clients.

This we do with great success: For many years we have counseled politics, economy and associations in various socio-political and economic topics. Key aspects include the areas of transport, environmental and urban development, health-related quality of life, customer focus/service quality and acceptance of technology.

As a general rule our consultancy is based on empirical analysis in which a variety of elaborated measurement and data collection methods as well as diverse evaluation procedures are used.

According to the assignment, and together with several highly qualified partners from various disciplines of science and practice, our experts develop tailored analysis, concepts and strategies as a basis for corporate or social decision-making processes and planning projects.

In all our fields of work, we use proven scientific methods, develop these further and formulate new ones. Thus we reach a continuous progress in the quality of our offered services.